Healthy Snacking Before Bed

Ever wonder why there are so many supplement bars on the market targeted to every phase of life besides sleep? We have pre-workout, post-workout, pregnancy, meal replacement, energy boosters... but how about pre-bedtime? That's right, having the right kind of snack before sleep is just as important for good health as a balanced breakfast.


Most of us think that eating before bed is bad since you're ingesting calories without the chance of burning them off for hours to come. But sleep and nutrition experts consistently recommend a small snack close to bedtime. It not only helps you fall asleep more easily but promotes better quality sleep. The secret lies in what type snack you eat.


The link between eating right and a good night's sleep has been examined by many experts including Joy Bauer, The Today Show's diet and weight loss guru, Dr. Michael Breus, author of Good Night, and Parade Magazine's Dr. Oz who has extensively covered the impact of going to bed hungry and the resulting weight gain.


So how do you formulate the just the right bedtime snack? It all started with Night Food founder Sean Folkson's crazy lifestyle when he quit his full time job cobbling together various online gigs. Not only did he have a total lack of structure...up late until the early morning hours, waking up around 11 am without an alarm, he joined a Midnight Hockey league. This meant early morning Taco Bell and other fast foods. Sean quickly realized that he slept poorly on those nights even though he was active.


Developing a supplement bar to replace this unhealthy snacking became Sean's passion. He turned to the experts at Abunda Functional Foods who formulated the right balance of ingredients including Chocamine®, a unique extract from caffeine-free chocolate that utilizes all the healthy stuff from chocolate and leaves behind all the empty fat, calories, and sugars. It helps to decrease hunger, improve mood, and aid in relaxation. Another ingredient is inulin, a beneficial fiber that achieves satiety (the feeling of fullness). These combined with organic brown rice syrup, puffed amaranth for texture and a special blend of high-quality whey and soy proteins yields a tasty bar that satisfies your night time cravings in a healthy way.


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