Healthy Snack Chips Made From Pasta

  Calories add up fast when snacking unless you're eating air-popped popcorn. It's hard to avoid all the hidden waist killers like hydrogenated oils, fructose corn syrups, and saturated fats. Pasta Chips are a welcome relief in the vast wasteland of empty calories. They're made with cholesterol-free high protein semolina wheat...the stuff that pasta is made from. More similar in texture to crackers, these thin, crisp, oven baked squares of pasta dough have 60% less fat than potato chips yet are rich in flavor. The Inspiration

An idea born while on vacation in the hills of Tuscany at a small authentic Osteria, Pasta Chips founder Jerry Bello was hooked after being served fresh pasta dough drizzled with olive oil topped with sea salt. "Everything was gently baked. I was in love. As soon as I tasted this unique chip, my mission became share this flavor experience with as many people as possible".

The Flavors

About the size of ravioli complete with outer ridges, each of Pasta Chips' 5 flavors is inspired either by a sauce or a specific region/city in Italy. Spicy Tomato Herb evokes the savory marinaras of Calabria while Mediterranean Sea Salt gives a nod to Puglia, home to Europe's largest salt flat. As soon as you open the handy resealable zip top bag, you immediately get the unmistakable aroma of semolina flour. No doubts remain after biting into them that you've departed the familiar territory of corn and potato based chips. Don't be alarmed if you get the sudden urge to dip these chips into a bowl of your favorite pasta sauce.  


Photo courtesy of Pasta Chips. Coverage made possible by participating in a sponsored tasting