Healthy Foods For Healthy Hair


Anyway, now that we’ve got a few months to enjoy the sun (and sun damage), we all want, as Sharpay puts it, fabulous hair. Of course, we can’t all afford the hair products that she uses, so here are some common foods to help you get that beautiful, healthy hair you’ve been dreaming of.

Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

Wild Salmon

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is an absolute must to include in your diet. Your body needs those fatty acids to grow hair, but it can’t make it. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids are found in your scalp and in the natural oils that keep your scalp and hair hydrated. Wild salmon also contains biotin which is essential for hair growth and scalp health. A lack of biotin can lead to hair loss and brittle hair. If you don’t eat fish, walnuts are a great substitute.

Photo by Jocelyn Hsu


Packed with vitamin C, blueberries are another necessity to keeping your hair strong and alive. Vitamin C is used to form collagen, which helps hold everything, including your hair, together. Vitamin C also ensures that your hair follicles get the oxygen they need. Even a small deficiency of vitamin C can cause your hair to become dry and brittle. Throw some into your summer smoothies or snack on them as you watch TV—just be sure to eat those blueberries!

Photo by Jocelyn Hsu


The dark meat in chicken and turkey is a great source of zinc and iron-rich protein which are vital for hair growth. Zinc helps keep the oil glands around your hair follicles working properly. Without it you’ll wind up with a dry, flaky scalp and less hair. Protein is a must because the majority of your hair is made up of or from protein. Lacking protein causes your hair to weaken and grow more slowly, quite the opposite of what we want. If you’re a vegetarian, stock up on starchy beans such as black and pinto beans.

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