Is Your Child's Lunch Making Him Gain Weight?

Despite an effort to make school lunches healthier, most of them still lack nutritional value. Whether it be processed and fried chicken nuggets or an endless supply of cookies, children are faced with an unhealthy variety of food, with limited healthy options.

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Even when vegetables are served, kids may throw them away because they are cooked in a way that makes them look and taste unappetizing. Although school lunch programs have changed dramatically, there is still room for growth and child involvement. 

"The fact is that most school lunches are downright unhealthy, not appetizing, and expensive compared to the simple, delicious lunches you can make yourself at home," said Lisa Lynn, fitness and nutritionist expert. "Your kids might even eat them if they are involved in the decision-making process."

Making your child's lunch takes extra time at the grocery store and cooking at home, but there is no price tag that can be put on his or her health. You may be worried that after you go through all of the extra effort to cook and buy groceries, your child may not even want to eat it. By involving your child in the cooking and shopping process, he or she will be made to think they have the choice over what they get to eat for lunch, making them more likely to eat it. "You have better control over your child's balanced diet this way, and you'll be improving his or her health while assisting in the weight loss process should your child be overweight," Lynn said.