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21 Foods Every Woman Should Eat at Least Once a Week

Ladies, listen up

So, what are the best things for women to eat? Unfortunately, there’s still no single right answer to this question. Figuring out what’s best for you can be really confusing, especially with all the back and forth. Some sources will tell you to wean yourself off carbs while others claim fat is the enemy. Some advice claims you should always take a multivitamin, while others say they’re useless. And if you looked to photos of women for help, well… Stock photos make it seem like all we eat is salad.

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Well, you need more nutrition than that. While what works and what doesn’t for weight loss varies from person to person, the basics of health and nutrition are quite consistent. Diseases such as heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s constitute some of the leading causes of death in women, and while diet may not prevent these ailments entirely, it can definitely make a difference in minimizing your risk.

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If you miss a week here and there, don’t sweat it. You can get these same vitamins and minerals from other sources. However, incorporating these 21 foods into your diet is a great start to getting the nutrition you need.