What Are Diet 'Cheat Meals,' Do They Work, And Should You Try Them?

The ways in which individuals approach diet and exercise are vast and varied. Some people are looking for an extra edge and can benefit from quick tips like our 10 Things You Can Do to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days. For others, though, health, fitness, and nutrition are a long, arduous, never-ending journey.

What Are Diet "Cheat Meals," Do They Work, and Who Should Try Them?

Those who've decided to make well-being a lifestyle aren't looking for shortcuts. These dedicated souls aren't tempted by ridiculous, fleeting fad diets, and they don't put too much stock into claims about miracle foods. Men and women that have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of fitness are more than willing to show you their hard-earned calluses. They've eaten enough old-fashioned oats to feed a small country, and they can prove their dedication to this lifestyle by eyeballing a chicken breast and telling you how many grams of protein it has.

Much as many professionals suggest the occasional rest day, a day where your normal training is placed on hold in favor of recovery and rejuvenation, there's an increasingly large camp of health enthusiasts who swear by taking a similar day of rest from a strict, clean diet. This day, known as a cheat day, is highly praised by many and approached warily by others.

We've already hinted at the fact that cheat days are intended for those who not only have a clean, balanced diet, but also are exercising intensely most days (if not every day) of the week. Now, let's dive in a little deeper in order to learn more about the tempting world of cheat meals.