These 15 Foods Might Make You More Fertile

Children are breathtaking bundles of joy and wonder — until they turn 14. But despite the many sleepless nights dedicated to raising an infant and the tens of thousands of dollars dedicated to educating a teenager, a child is the foundation of a family.

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Getting pregnant is easy for some women and more difficult for others based on their own genetic makeup or that of their partner. But whether conception is simple or a struggle, researchers continue to analyze the relationship between environmental factors and fertility, and one of those factors is food. Although a clear link doesn't yet exist, studies show that foods rich in certain nutrients such as folic acid, iron, calcium, and vitamin C play an important role in fertility. Maintaining a well-balanced diet focused on fruits, whole-grains, vegetables, and lean proteins is always a good place to start, but there are some particular foods that can make conceiving easier.

Since making a baby is a two-way street, this list includes foods that help both budding mothers and fathers boost their fertility. So get in the kitchen with your partner, and whip up some meals utilizing these 15 foods which make you more fertile.