Breakfast Sadnwich


These 10 Foods Are Sabotaging Your Weight-Loss Goals

Your foodie favorites may be holding you back
Breakfast Sadnwich


It looks innocent enough, but starting your day off with an egg and cheese sandwich is setting you up for a diet disaster.

The most unassuming foods are the ones mostly likely to sabotage your weight loss goals. Their innocent ingredient lists and modest preparation makes these foods appear healthy and diet-friendly, but this is sadly not the reality.

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 When made at home, many of these foods are totally fine, but when purchased from a restaurant or prepared from a package the calorie counts really explode. Take for example the humble breakfast sandwich. At first glance this classic and convenient breakfast staple is a simple combination of egg, cheese, meat, and bread, but after closer inspection, you’ll find that these sandwiches contain upwards of 450 calories. Other lunch and dinner staples like pasta or a Cobb salad don’t possess the features of traditionally unhealthy meals: They aren’t fried, oily, or loaded with red meat. But a Cobb salad is still covered in blue cheese, bacon, and dressing, and a simple bowl of pasta with red sauce is nothing more than a big serving of refined flour.

But it’s not only full meals that can sabotage your weight-loss goals. Munching on snacks like nutrition bars and granola or sipping your calories through a straw can also add unwanted sugars and calories to your diet. These foods don’t need to be avoided entirely, but they need to be consumed in moderation and shouldn’t be the foundation of your eating regimen.


Here are 10 foods sabotaging your weight-loss goals.