Sure Signs You Might Have Cancer

Warning: Every single one of these is unpleasant

These are some of the most common symptoms before a diagnosis.

If you think you might have cancer, we’re begging you — don’t waste time reading this slideshow. Get to the doctor! But if you’re just trying to bolster your knowledge and plan ahead, we’ll let you stick around. Knowing exactly what to expect before a cancer diagnosis could help you catch it early, crucial for getting the most effective treatment.

15 Telltale Signs You Might Have Cancer Gallery

Most people’s knowledge surrounding cancer is a little hazy. Certain foods that everyone thinks cause cancer actually don’t, while other dietary interventions have proven more effective at preventing the disease. The best way to stave off cancer is to live an active, balanced lifestyle. You may also want to refrain from overdoing it on foods that have been linked to cancer.


To better inform you about the warning signs to look out for, we turned to the experts. The American Cancer Society has an in-depth list of cancer’s warning signs on its website. We browsed this page and others in their database to ensure you can detect these 15 telltale signs you might have cancer as early as you can.