Quick And Healthy Packable Lunch Ideas

No matter what you have for breakfast or what you plan to have for dinner, prioritizing a quick lunch is important because it gets you through the day. Whether you pack it the night before or set time aside to do it in the morning, there are quick and healthy packable lunch ideas that will make healthy eating simple.

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A quickĀ and healthy lunch idea that will just need a little heat come lunchtime is your dinner leftovers. Whether you make chicken stir-fry, hearty soup, or zucchini lasagna, the leftovers will be used to your advantage. You can also think about making a little extra of your dinner salad and top it with grilled chicken, tofu, or beans in the morning, so that you have a bit of added protein to keep you full throughout the afternoon.

Thinking beyond the packable leftovers, something you can easily whip up and even make the night before is a tuna and avocado sandwich. Using a whole-wheat wrap or bread, mix tuna with avocado instead of mayonnaise and throw in spinach, sliced carrots, and celery. This quick and healthy packable lunch will make you completely forget about your typical turkey and cheese sandwich.

As far as snacks go, think about making your own trail mix or you can pair sliced vegetables with hummus. These are quick and healthy packable lunch ideas that will provide you a daily dose of healthy fat and protein. Be sure to portion out your nuts because although they are boosting with benefits, they are also high in calories. To save time in the morning, chop your fruit and vegetables the night before and seal in a bag. That way, you can easily access healthy snacks at work.