Papayas Recalled Nationwide After Deadly Salmonella Outbreak

Papayas Recalled Nationwide After Deadly Salmonella Outbreak

If you’ve recently bought papayas grown in Mexico, throw away the fruit as soon as you can

The Food and Drug Administration on July 26 announced a nationwide recall of Caribeña brand Maradol papayas after the fruits were linked to a salmonella outbreak that has killed one consumer and sickened 46 others.

As of the morning of July 25, the outbreak had infiltrated 12 states, and authorities believe the illness can be traced to salmonella-bearing Maradol papayas grown in Mexico. Twelve of the victims of the outbreak experienced symptoms severe enough to require emergency hospitalization.

Grande Produce LLC, the Texas-based produce distributor linked to the outbreak, claims to have ceased sourcing papaya from the contaminated farms. The specific farm and region responsible for the disease infiltration has yet to be identified, so it is advised to steer clear of all papayas from the Grande Produce brand.

The FDA posted the company’s recall announcement, which insists that the papayas currently being shipped are all clear, and that the facilities were clean of salmonella when tested. The Centers for Disease Control, however, made the recommendation in a July 25 statement “that consumers not eat, restaurants not serve, and retailers not sell Maradol papayas from Mexico until we learn more.”

Grande Produce has not disclosed where the infected papayas had been shipped — although they did confirm that some were sent to Maryland, the residence of at least five of the salmonella victims.

Since the distribution details of the fruit are yet to be uncovered, the FDA recommends consumers avoid all Caribeña brand Maradol papayas. Walmart and Aldi immediately issued recalls on all Maradol papaya brands in their stores.

Salmonella is nothing to take your chances with: Consumers are advised to dispose of any Maradol papayas purchased. A full refund for Caribeña brand papaya can be obtained by returning the fruit to the place of purchase or calling Grande Produce at 888-507-2720.

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Just throwing out the papaya isn’t enough. You should also wash all countertops and utensils the fruit came in contact with — thoroughly.