Ne-Yo Watches 'What The Health' Once, Goes Vegan

On August 6, popular singer and songwriter Ne-Yo went on Facebook to post a video confessing a major lifestyle change: He's gone vegan.

"Thanks to the What the Health documentary," he says to his fans, "I've gone completely vegan. So I need y'all to send me some vegan recipes... Because I'm in the grocery store — lost."

And lost he was. "We're in the kale chips aisle..." he says, turning another corner with a furrowed brow. For approximately four and a half minutes of edited footage, a confused Ne-Yo wanders the store's aisles, debating whether or not certain food staples are deemed acceptable for his newfound vegan diet.

He seems to be confused despite his past experience with veganism. He's tried veganism in the past while living in Los Angeles. "I lasted about a month," he confesses, but claims that his location made the lifestyle much easier to adopt. "This is about to be really difficult. I don't cook, y'all. And my wife is on the other side of the world."

Despite the endearing cluelessness of the video, Ne-Yo is just one of thousands of viewers who have now gone vegan due to convincing verbiage from the Netflix documentary.

"It's really mind-blowing how blissfully ignorant I was for so long," Ne-Yo declares. "The stuff that I was eating not knowing that they're killing us, y'all. For real."

But are the meat and animal-product industries really killing us? Many scientists, dietitians, and health experts have fought back against the film's claims, unveiling faulty evidence and distorted science. Read more about the flaws scientists are finding in the contents of 'What the Health' here.

"I just want to say to all the cheese in the world," Ne-Yo lamented, "I am so desperately going to miss you."