vegan meal
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The Most Disappointing Vegan Meal of All Time

Vegans eat more than just lettuce, you know
vegan meal
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Not exactly what this hungry vegan expected.

A hungry and tired vegan enters a restaurant, one that says it caters to vegans. She orders her meal, waits eagerly for each savory bite, lamenting that the free bread served to the table came slathered with butter and was therefore inedible. Finally, her meal arrives: a large serving of sliced raw tomatoes and onions.


Gabbie Jarvis’s sister, while out to eat in Malaga, Spain, endured this unfortunate (and all too relatable) experience. Starving and ready, she was served this fibrous plate of unsatisfying vegetables as the only “vegan meal option” at the restaurant.

@gabbiejarvis / Instagram

While Jarvis claims that the family fully intends to go back to the restaurant, we can’t imagine that particular plate was very satisfying. Her sister ate the veggies, regardless — she was hungry! But undoubtedly, she was still hungry even after the meal was finished.

If you’re vegan, you probably understand the struggle. Many restaurants and non-vegans just have no clue what it’s like to eat a majority of plant-based foods. Vegans’ dietary needs are often misunderstood. Yes, vegans eat a lot of vegetables; but they still need the rest of their nutritional needs met, too. They need carbs, proteins, and fats. Tomatoes and onions have little to none. Wondering why you’re still hungry after eating a salad? You need more than raw vegetables.

These days, it’s smart for a restaurant to cater to all kinds of dietary needs. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and garlic intolerance are but a few of the array of dietary rules that diners may be following. We understand where restaurants are coming from; it’s difficult to come up with unique options for so many specific sets of needs. One man ordered a gluten-free meal on an airplane and was given a banana.

But at least a banana has some carbs. In our opinion, this restaurant just gave up. Veganism has been around for quite some time. And we’d think that by now, chefs and servers could manage to wrack their brains and come up with some animal-product-free food choice better than sliced raw vegetables.


We’re sorry, Spain. America is doing this whole ‘vegan restaurant’ thing way better.