cheeseburger baby
Laura Stennett

Mom’s Epic Response to Haters of Baby’s Cheeseburger Photoshoot

‘It made me sick, angry, and most of all sad,’ the mom said after reading the scathing remarks
cheeseburger baby
Laura Stennett

These pictures are way too cute to hate on - but these moms found a way.

Lauren Ashcraft is the mother of two chubby twins, Liam and Lola, and she’s proud. She knows there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little pudge; the internet, however, did not agree.

In mid-August, the mom was forced to make light of a ferocious online reaction from a group of upset parents at the sight of her baby surrounded by cheeseburgers.

She decided to snap the adorable photos after joking with her photographer, Laura Stennett, about the twins’ chub. The babies were both born premature and underweight in November; Ashcraft was both thrilled and entertained by how “adorably chunky” Liam had become. “By four months, he was 16 pounds,” she told ABC. “He fattened up really quick.” We must admit our mutual adoration of Liam’s impressive baby rolls.

I mean, just look at these photos.

Laura Stennett

How could anyone hate on that face?! But the internet found a way — a group of “sanctimommies” (as Ashcraft calls them) posted Liam’s photos in private Facebook groups where commenters began attacking Liam’s weight, his diet, and the mom’s parenting choices.

“They said horrible things about my baby possibly getting diabetes and heart disease from simply licking a photo prop,” the mom said, incredulous. “It made me sick, angry, and most of all sad.” Her photographer was equally disgusted with the parents’ rude remarks. “As though we would actually feed an eight-month-old 20 cheeseburgers,” she scoffed.

Faced with the ridiculous comments, Ashcraft and Stennett decided to snap right back. They devised a second photoshoot to get the final word against the absurd moms’ health shaming. With a new layout of props, they snapped a second set of photos, this time of Lola.

Laura Stennett

“Let’s shoot Lola with organic fruits and veggies and sock it to the haters!” said Ashcraft to her photographer friend. And sock it to them they did. We are obsessed with all of these photos, cheeseburgers, veggies, and all.


The photos were “all in good fun,” the mom concludes. “The rest doesn’t matter.” To us, her indignation is justified. If that mom wanted to, she could feed her son one of the fattiest foods on Earth and it would still be none of those moms’ business.