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Man Injured After Eating ‘Mysterious Foreign Object’ in Vegan Cauliflower Taco

He’s issued a lawsuit in the name of his ‘serious, severe, and permanent injuries’

This man’s cruelty-free, vegan cauliflower taco turned out to be a bit cruel to him — after taking his first bite, Neal Lerner claims he was suffered permanent damage from an object hiding inside.

Lerner’s lawsuit alleges that the object was a stone, and that tacos should always be checked for “dangerous foreign objects” before they are served.

The order was from a New York City restaurant, Dutch Fred’s, which primarily serves cocktails and small plates. The tacos — “Roasted Sriracha Cauliflower Tacos” to be exact — are listed at the price of $14 and contain roasted cauliflower with cilantro aÏoli and jicama radish. They sound delicious — but were they to die for?

Lerner is still alive, of course, but he claims he sustained “serious, severe, and permanent injuries” from consuming the rock-hard object.

He relayed the incident in a dramatic account for the lawsuit filed against Dutch Fred’s. Lerner claimed that once he chowed down on his taco, he “unexpectedly bit down on a hard foreign object, to wit a stone, which had been concealed within the aforementioned cauliflower tacos.”

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The suit explains that after racking up medical bills and physical trauma, he continues “to suffer great physical pain and mental anguish” in the days following the incident. Whether he chipped a tooth, swallowed the stone, or is simply suffering from taco-related flashbacks has not been released. We’re thankful Lerner has thus far not suffered a tragic and unfortunate food-related death.