The Lazy Guide to Cooking a Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner

When time is cut short and you are in charge of Thanksgiving, following these healthy hacks may help you
roasted vegetables


Roasting your vegetables is the key to healthy-side success.

No one really knows how much work goes into Thanksgiving until it is his or her turn to play host or hostess. The grocery shopping, the cleaning, the cooking, and all the other preparations take a lot of time and energy.

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On the other hand, Thanksgiving not only calls for a ton of food, but a lot of dishes that take a long time — sometimes all day — to make. Unfortunately, these dishes are not necessarily the healthiest. Swapping out the ever popular ingredients, such as potatoes and fried appetizers, for vegetable-based foods will not only keep you from getting the dreaded food coma, but it will also help your waistline.


To find the happy medium between cooking a delicious and healthy Thanksgiving while also saving time, we created a lazy guide that will help you prepare without any stress. These useful tricks will inspire you to create a healthy Thanksgiving dinner in no time.