If You're Over 50, Avoid These 10 Foods and Beverages

50 is the new 40, so start eating like it!
Fried Food


Fried foods, tend to remain in the stomach much longer than other types of foods, leading to heartburn and reflux.

With advanced years comes a heightened sense of wisdom, knowledge, and perspective, but these desirable traits are sadly accompanied by some undesirable caveats. As the years pile up like boxes in the garage, heart attacks, dementia, osteoporosis, diabetes, and numerous other ailments creep into people’s lives. But this inevitable progression toward the next phase of life need not be feared; rather, it should be embraced.

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A healthy diet centered around fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and a moderate amount of animal products paired with an active lifestyle is enough to increase the chances of longevity, but as people reach the half-century mark, there are some particular foods that should be avoided. These foods contribute to some of the more common age-related diseases. Even simple pleasures that aren’t inherently detrimental to health, like coffee and alcohol, affect the body differently once a person hits 50 years of age.

The ingredients on this list don’t need to be cut out completely, but they should be consumed cautiously and in moderation.


Here are 10 foods and beverages to avoid if you’re over 50.