How to Feed Your Baby Now to Prevent Picky Eating Later

Make the transition easier for yourself and your baby by following these helpful tips

Your baby doesn’t have to fall into the category of picky eating if you take the right steps to introduce nutritious foods into your child’s diet.

For all the parents out there who house picky eaters, you know it’s a good day if you can get them to eat some form of fruit or vegetable during the day. If you could change the palate of your picky eater or better yet, prevent it from happening from the start, wouldn’t you be willing to give it a try?

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Introducing your baby to nutritious, flavorful food from the beginning can impact how they eat in the following years. Alan Greene, MD and pediatric advisor for Plum Organics, recommends feeding your baby a wide variety of foods and persevering even when they refuse to eat a healthy fruit or vegetable. “I have heard from so many parents, ‘My baby used to be a great eater, but now has started pushing food away. What should I do?’” Greene said. “This often coincides with the exciting moment in development where babies are getting some of their own independence by pulling up to stand or taking those first toddling steps. Suddenly, they want control of their lives, including control of what they're eating. My advice: Don't panic!”


We spoke with Greene about which foods to avoid feeding your baby and simple ways to set your baby up for healthy life, starting with their diet.