How David Beckham Stays In Shape Will Blow Your Mind

The former soccer star and father of four spends his days post-soccer maintaining his physique. How does he do it? He doesn't just play soccer, if that's what you were thinking.

David Beckham has a very clean diet, which probably comes as no surprise. He consumes very little fat and has a high intake of lean protein, like fish and chicken. The fat that he does include in his diet comes from healthy sources such as olive oil and yogurt. Beckham is also all about vegetables. He eats plenty of leafy greens, beans, and cauliflower to provide himself with healthy complex carbohydrates.

In terms of exercise, Beckham chooses to stay fit by exercising both indoors and outside. Plyometric exercises, or movements that use body weight quickly and efficiently, are Beckham's go-to for getting in a workout. Plyometric exercises require no equipment and can be done anywhere. He also enjoys short sprints for conditioning.

Beckham made several changes to his diet and exercise program after he stopped playing soccer professionally. However, he emphasizes the importance of practicing healthy habits in his everyday life, and while his diet is (farily) normal, you won't believe the weird eating habits of some celebrities.