The Equinox Effect: Workout, Food Reward, and Repeat

Go hard at the gym, then pair it with a healthy and enjoyable food reward.

Equinox means business — so don't forget to replenish your body post-workout.

In a previous story created around competition and food rewards, I covered a perfect duo — a high intensity, high energy workout called ‘Pursuit’ at Equinox Gym; paired with a much deserved meal at Sip Restaurant and Wine Bar, conveniently located right across the street.

This evening-duo is indeed a perfect way to get your body going and subsequently reward it. As of this month, you can now render this equation even more efficient…introducing Equinox’s freshest class offering — Best Abs Ever. This 30-minute workout is offered at all locations and can be taken during the day or in the evening. Pair it with a healthful smoothie from its Juice Press and you’ve got yourself another perfect duo!

Allow me to elaborate. Let’s say you have a busy day; but it’s swimsuit season and your abs won’t work themselves out on their own…and laughing doesn’t count. Sign up for a Best Abs Ever class and rest assured that within that 30-minute period, you will get a great ab workout and a cardio blast. It’s a perfect way to pop into your nearest Equinox and get some A-grade fitness into your day. But wait ¾ that’s never enough for us here at The Daily Meal. What you burn from your system, needs support in fuel.

Conveniently, all Equinox locations have a relationship with a Juice Press or a built-in juice bar that will make you a fresh on-the-spot smoothie or juice to enjoy and recharge after your intense workout. Go for the Green Monster with banana, spinach, and whey protein powder, or a fruit and vegetable packed juice. No matter what you are looking for; high in protein; high in vitamins; immunity booster or simply a quick pick-me-up before heading back into your day, Equinox has you covered.

Take a look at their class schedule and if you are not a member, schedule a meeting with one of their representatives today – don’t put your fitness off any longer…and certainly don’t wait to turn up the volume on your food reward system!

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