Don't Run Out Of Energy: A Nutrition Guide For Runners

If you recall Usain Bolt's $125,000 celebratory bottle of Champagne in London, you're well aware that there are many occasions on which to celebrate successes in the world of professional running. Other than popping bottles, though, it's safe to assume that professional runners must have a fairly regimented diet. Without proper nutrition, how can one compete on a national or global scale?

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We did a little poking and prodding around various fitness outlets to find information about the diets of distance runners and sprinters as well as a little fun dietary advice from one mid-distance runner. The result? Clean food leads to the best results. If you want your body to operate like a highly efficient machine, you have to give it the best fuel in order to do so.

Whether you're already a runner, considering a 5K or a half marathon, or just looking for tips to lose weight for summer, anyone can take away some great healthy eating tips from the following advice from runners. Don't run out of energy the next time you head out to the track; follow this nutrition guide for runners instead.