Beyond Greek: 10 Yogurts You Have To Try In 2016

Greek yogurt is huge in healthy, dairy-loving circles around the United States. Not only do brands like Fage have incredible, protein-packed nutritional profiles (a container of fat-free Fage tips in at 18 grams of protein and seven grams of carbs for a total of 100 calories), but you can also use Greek yogurt in a variety of beneficial ways different from the traditional spoon-to-mouth eating process. Additionally, with many brands having fruit-filled Greek yogurt varieties, there is no lack of flavor choices or fat content options — most brands produce fat-free and whole fat options as well as percentages in between. Greek yogurt is so popular that it has become a USDA-approved alternative to meat in some public schools. Options are something consumers have always craved, and that's why we've looked into ways to have your yogurt experience without having to go Greek.

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There are a surprising number of different ways that people can get their yogurt fix. With varying consistencies, nutritional profiles, and countries of origin, selecting a Greek yogurt alternative to sample may prove itself to be a difficult process. In moderation, however, all of these yogurts can be deemed good for you. When compared to Greek yogurt, many of these alternatives have a similar probiotic capacity. In fact, there is even a yogurt product for people who can't consume lactose. From yogurts made of almonds to yogurts coming from animals other than cows, we'll show you 10 Greek yogurt alternatives that you might find to be quite pleasant.