This Is The Best Tea To Reduce Your Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure can lead to many health problems. Uncontrolled hypertension increases your risk for stroke and is often managed with prescribed medicine. But in addition to consulting your doctor for an effective treatment plan, you might want to consider sipping on some tea to lower your blood pressure.

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"Hibiscus tea has been shown in some studies to be quite effective at lowering blood pressure," said New York-based internist Dr. Frank Contacessa in an email. "The anthocyanins and other antioxidants in hibiscus can lower blood pressure almost as much as some medications."

According to a 2010 study, Hibiscus sabdariffa L. (an ingredient found in herbal tea blends) proved to have antioxidant and antihypertensive properties. The authors found that daily consumption of hibiscus tea lowered blood pressure in pre-hypertensive and mildly hypertensive adults.

Along with hibiscus, green tea can also help with hypertension. There's research to show that supplementing your diet with green tea may provide significant reductions in blood pressure, per a review study in The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

"Green tea contains flavonoids, which can help you maintain a healthy heart," New Jersey-based nutritionist Amy Gorin told The Daily Meal in an email. She recommends consuming at least 400 milligrams of flavonoids daily.

How much tea-drinking would one have to do to hit 400 milligrams? Well, one 6-ounce serving of Lipton Green Tea contains 150 milligrams of flavonoids. So, it's really as simple as drinking a couple of large cups of green tea per day.

Just be cautious if you already take blood pressure medications, warns Contacessa, as the combined effects can make your blood pressure fall too low. Your doctor should be able to work with you to find the treatment regimen that is right for you.

If you get the go-ahead, one of our favorite teas to reduce your blood pressure is Smith Teamaker Big Hibiscus Blend No. 24. It's packed full of hibiscus flowers and boasts other health-boosting ingredients like ginger and rose. Another option is Traditional Medicinals Organic Hibiscus Herbal Tea, which has the same blood pressure-fighting quality with more of a blackberry leaf and lemongrass flavor.

While tea can help lower your hypertension, it's not all you need to lower your blood pressure. Be sure to also be cautious of the food and drinks that may be putting your blood pressure through the roof.

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