The Best Drinks To Help Beat The Flu

As if the cold, dreary weather wasn't enough to bum us out, this season's flu virus is a special breed of awful. Rates of flu infection are higher than almost ever before and many people (including a few of us at The Daily Meal) are down for the count.

The Best Drinks to Fight the Flu Gallery

There's only so much you can do to fight the dreadful symptoms. Some of the smartest tactics are to rest, prepare lots of blankets and damp washcloths to combat raging fevers, and drink clear liquids. Staying hydrated when you have the flu is key, since your body needs to rehydrate from losing lots of fluids. When you're feeling that sick, you need to give your overworked stomach and intestines a break — clear liquids help ease discomfort and give them the rest they need.

When you hydrate, make sure to take small, frequent sips every 10 to 15 minutes. Drinking too much at once may cause vomiting — so don't rush it. If you are vomiting for a long period of time, try to drink something other than water to replenish the vitamins and nutrients you've lost.

Avoid liquids that are acidic (such as orange juice) or caffeinated (such as coffee), or anything that has a lot of carbonation.

In addition to these immune-boosting foods you should eat during the flu season, these 8 drinks could help you to get better faster.