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Ben & Jerry’s Launched Low-Calorie Ice Cream: Here’s How It Tastes

Move over, Halo Top
ben & jerry's
Ben & Jerry's

These low-calorie pints blew us all away.

Ben & Jerry’s might have been outsold by Halo Top last year, but they’re clapping back. The traditionally indulgent brand has created a “better for you” alternative to calorie-heavy ice cream called Moo-phoria. We tried it and agreed: This was the low-cal option we’d been waiting for.

The three new flavors include Chocolate Milk & Cookies, Caramel Cookie Fix, and P.B. Dough.

The pints range from 560 to 640 calories each, with around 150 calories per half-cup serving. Chocolate Milk & Cookies is a swirl of chocolate and vanilla with real chocolate chip cookies scattered throughout. Caramel Cookie Fix is a plain vanilla mixed with salted caramel swirls and shortbread cookies. The P.B. Dough is chocolate ice cream through and through, with gobs of peanut butter dough mixed in.

Sure, they’re slightly higher in calories than some other brands. But our tasters thought it was well worth the trade-off. While other low-calorie ice creams can taste fake, overly sweet, and have an odd aftertaste, these were creamy and actually sweet. Although you can definitely tell it’s a lighter option, editors agreed that it wasn’t nearly as fake as some other brands.

Even one of our editors with a unique and special hatred for diet-friendly desserts had to admit, “This ice cream wasn’t terrible.” Bravo, Ben & Jerry’s. Bravo.

Probably because they didn’t use any sugar replacements — no erythritol, no sugar alcohols, and no artificial sweeteners were involved in the making of these pints. It’s just real cream and sugar, with an unreal number of calories.

“Great decision, Ben & Jerry’s,” said our photo editor. “I could totally eat a pint.” Not that we haven’t eaten entire pints of regular Ben & Jerry’s before — don’t judge us — but now that sounds a lot less sickening and more enjoyable. All the indulgence, sans the post-pint regret. Sign us up.

Ben & Jerry's

Of all the flavors, the Caramel Cookie Fix was the least enjoyable.

“The little hints of caramel were not enough and I was 100 percent unsatisfied,” asserted one of our editors. But the other two flavors? We were into it.

When we tried Halo Top’s seven new flavors, on the other hand, it didn’t go so well.


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