9 Unhealthiest Ways To Lose Weight

The quickest ways to lose weight always compromise your physical and mental health. Whether it be depriving yourself of food or overexerting yourself through exercise, your body takes the toll. And using unnatural commercial products to lose weight can set you up for disaster and promote overall weight gain in the long term.


A short-term juice cleanse does have benefits but a diet without solid foods can be very dangerous. "Losing lots of fluid without medical supervision is risky, and when it's combined with fasting, even riskier," Michelle May, MD, told Web MD. "Your body is uniquely fine-tuned to detoxify and excrete toxins. So cleanses are unnecessary and can lead to serious complications by messing with your body's system." 

Eliminating Carbohydrates

There is such a thing as healthy carbohydrates and carbohydrates that can help you lose weight. By eliminating all carbohydrates from your diet, your main energy source will no longer exist. Healthy carbohydrates, or complex carbohydrates, found in whole-grain breads, vegetables, legumes, and nuts are all part of a healthy diet. 

Fad Diets

There's a reason we call them fad diets; some diets can help temporarily but then completely backfire and cause you to gain weight. If you are serious about weight loss and being healthy in the long run, stick to the research. Focus on whole foods and enjoy things in moderation. Following a fad diet may sound like the right thing to do but unfortunately, a quick fix is not always the best fix. 


If you want to ruin your metabolism, fasting will be your one-way ticket. By restricting your calories, you can accumulate a higher percentage of body fat, which increases the risk for metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes, according to Web MD.


If the secret to losing weight is calories in versus calories out, exercising more than is necessary may seem like the right way to lose weight quickly and efficiently. According to the American College of Sports Medicine and American Heart Association, five days of moderately intense cardio exercise for 30 minutes a day or intense cardio three days a week is the recommendation. By over-exercising, you put yourself at risk for wear and tear on the body.

Pills and Unsafe Supplements

There's a problem if a company promises that you will lose excess pounds in a short amount of time without eating right or exercising. Some weight loss pills and supplements deregulate your body and the minute you stop taking the supplements, everything runs haywire. There are some diet supplements that are whole-food based that can aid in your weight-loss journey, says Dr. Axe


Everything from vomiting and abusing laxatives may remove food from your body but it will not help you lose weight in a healthy way. "Extremely acidic vomit can cause erosion in the esophagus and mouth and on tooth enamel. This can increase risk for certain cancers, tooth decay, and more when purging becomes a ritual," registered dietitian Connie Diekman, told Web MD.

Skipping Meals

Similar to fasting, skipping meals completely will not only slow your metabolism but also leave you nutrient-deficient. If you are worried about your calorie intake, create a smaller portion size based on the dietary recommendations


Reducing your cravings is important when you are trying to lose weight and all you want to eat is junk food. However, smoking is not a craving blaster and it will give you unwanted health problems. Even worse, smoking is addictive and when you are trying to get rid of the bad habit, gaining weight is a common effect.