5 Healthier Versions of Christmas Pies

It’s time to celebrate Christmas, not empty calories
sweet potato pie


By adding more wholesome ingredients, you will feel better about that second slice of sweet potato pie.

Sometimes you really can’t have just one cookie, especially when there are different flavors, shapes, and textures to choose from. Although Christmas promotes the spirit of giving, there is no need to be overly generous and give your body too much sugar, even if you plan to make a weight-loss New Year’s resolution.

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The odds are you are not eating Christmas pies all the time, so allow yourself a bit of freedom when it comes to holiday eating. Instead of focusing on calories, focus on ingredients. Some of your favorite Christmas pies, such as apple pie and pecan pie, contain additives and large amounts of sugar. Skip the store-bought pie this Christmas and make your own, using wholesome ingredients, such as whole-wheat flour and honey. Your body will appreciate the idea that you are satisfying your sweet tooth, but feeding it with easily digestible ingredients.