3 Mac And Cheese Recipes You Need If You're On A Diet

Macaroni and cheese is probably the most iconic comfort food out there. The creaminess of the béchamel, the gooeyness of the cheese, and the crunchiness of the breadcrumb topping make for a perfect bite — but these indulgent ingredients have given macaroni and cheese a reputation as a dietary nightmare, not without reason. Classic macaroni and cheese recipes don't go easy on the fat or calories, and use white flour, butter, and heavy amounts of cheese and whole-fat milk.

But when dieting, it's important to periodically treat yourself to some of your favorite foods. These macaroni and cheese recipes are responsible indulgences, swapping out some of the particularly calorically offensive ingredients and replacing them with healthier substitutions. Whole-wheat pasta, low-fat milk, and the addition of veggies are some of the ways to make macaroni and cheese better for you.

Here are three mac and cheese recipes you need if you're on a diet.

Healthy Mac and Cheese With Butternut Squash

Fortifying macaroni and cheese with some extra vegetables, like butternut squash, boosts the nutritional profile of this traditionally, nutrient bleak dish. The subtle sweet and earthy notes of butternut squash play perfectly with the extra-sharp Cheddar cheese. Low-fat milk and part-skim ricotta cheese cut down the on the fat content without minimizing any flavor.

Click here for the Healthy Mac and Cheese With Butternut Squash Recipe.

Mediterranean Mac and Cheese

The Mediterranean diet has been linked to longer life spans, and lower instances of cancer, heart attacks, and dementia. This recipe incorporates some key Mediterranean ingredients like chickpeas, parsley, extra-virgin olive oil, and Israeli couscous while maintaining the basic taste and texture of traditional macaroni and cheese.

Click here for the Mediterranean Mac and Cheese recipe.

PointsPlus Baked Macaroni and Cheese

This classic version of macaroni and cheese (created by Weight Watchers) is made healthier by using fat free milk, whole-wheat penne, and fat-free Cheddar cheese. Baking the macaroni and cheese creates a crunchy crust without the addition of sodium-packed breadcrumbs.

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