25 Foods And Drinks That (Might) Help You Live Longer

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So you want to live past the age of 100? It's a valiant goal, and one that can be aided by exercise, lifestyle, and genetics. But there's another key component: diet. What should you eat to live the longest, happiest, and healthiest life possible?

Seeking inspiration on how to eat for a long life, we looked to the world's "Blue Zones," the areas in the world with the most active centenarians. The takeaway: A longevity-inducing diet apparently means eating little in general; consuming tons of fruits and vegetables and some lean proteins and oily fish; and getting plenty of dietary fiber (from beans and whole grains).

But just because you're eating for the ultimate long life, that doesn't mean your diet has to be dull. Wonderfully, some seemingly indulgent foods such as candy and booze can aid in longevity. For instance, dark chocolate can lower blood pressure and boost endorphins, and has recently been found to help prevent the cardiac arrhythmia known as atrial fibrillation. Red wine is also famously good for your health. It's been linked with everything from lowering the risk of dementia to controlling blood sugar to slowing the aging process altogether. And isn't that the ultimate goal here?

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