15 Meatless Dishes Perfect For Lent (And Beyond) Slideshow

Alaska Halibut Enchiladas Salsa Verde

Enchiladas are the perfect balance of crunch, chew, spice, and sauce, and swapping in halibut makes these totally acceptable for Lent. Whip up a casserole dish full, and you might even have leftovers for the next day.

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Avocado and Grilled Veggie Torta

This classic Mexican sandwich is often served with carnitas, chorizo, or beef steak, but this vegetarian version with zucchini, bell pepper, and avocado tastes just as good. Plus, it has way fewer calories and grams of saturated fat.

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Butternut Squash, Kale, and Fettuccini With Creamy Ricotta Sage Sauce

"Creamy ricotta sage sauce" — need I say more? Probably not, but I will anyway. This fettuccine takes Alfredo sauce to new heights with the use of sage, avocado oil, and butternut squash. Meatless doesn't have to mean indulgence-less.

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Creamy Barley With Zucchini and Mushroom

The heartiness of a rugged grain like barley paired with the earthiness of mushrooms is a satisfying meal that can be served as a side or main course. Thyme, garlic, shallots, and Parmesan add another level of umami to the dish.

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Crispy Tofu Parmesan Sliders

Sliders embody the ideal ratio of bread to filling, but rarely do you find any that are free of meat. These crispy tofu Parmesan sliders are healthier than traditional Italian-night meals, but they won't disappoint on terms of flavor.

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Gluten-Free Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

Classic macaroni and cheese using boxed elbow noodles has its place, but the texture and taste of this gluten-free version, which uses riced cauliflower, might actually be preferable for some palates. The cauliflower adds a light and subtle note that goes well with the goat cheese.

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Greek Tuna Pita Pockets

Sometimes you just don't want to turn on the oven, wash a pan, or fuss over a long and complicated recipe. For those nights, this is the dish for you. Simply mix in canned tuna with celery, bell pepper, olives, feta cheese, and yogurt, and stuff those pitas. Boom! A healthy, tasty dinner made in a matter of minutes.

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Lemon-Garlic Shrimp Pasta

Shrimp and garlic is a holy combination, but the addition of lemon, red pepper flakes, and baby spinach brings this dish to another level.

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Market Bowl With Fried Egg and Almond-Tamari Sauce

Rich almond butter, salty-savory soy sauce, and sweet maple syrup make for the perfect sauce that would make anything taste good. Drizzle this over a bowl of cooked brown rice and chopped vegetables, and top with a fried egg.

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Roasted Veggie and Black Bean Burritos

You don't need carnitas or carne asada to make an authentic burrito. Using roasted sweet potatoes, black beans, and warm spices such as cumin and chili powder makes for a less muddled taste. A squeeze of lime juice and a smattering of cilantro add an extra blast of freshness.

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Salmon Quinoa Cakes

Skipping the burger bun makes these salmon cakes even healthier. Salmon is an incredible superfood that's high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin D, and protein. Top these flaky cakes with a sauce of fresh dill, lemon, and yogurt to add some extra tang.

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Eggs can be eaten for more than just breakfast and brunch. The eggs take center stage in this savory Mediterranean dish that uses paprika, cumin, garlic, and chopped tomatoes. The eggs are cracked on top of a bed of tomato sauce and are quickly broiled to maintain the luscious consistency of the yolk.

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Spicy Salmon Fajitas

Mexican night just got a whole lot healthier. Salmon is an oily fish, which makes it the ideal replacement for people who miss the fattiness of red meat.

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Yellow Split Pea Soup With Toasted Pecans

Soups are viewed as neither appetizer nor entrée, but a hearty split pea or lentil soup can make you full and satisfied. This recipe calls for butternut squash, yellow split peas, and a package of silken tofu to give it extra creaminess without the use of dairy.

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Zucchini Pizza Boats

For a lighter take on dinner, try these healthy zucchini pizza boats. Fresh basil, Roma tomatoes, and goat cheese replicate all of those classic Italian flavors but avoid the extra carbohydrates found in pizza dough.

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