11 Foods To Keep Your Skin Healthy All Winter

In November, the cold weather is refreshing and inviting, but by January, it's just torture. Sub-zero temperatures and chilling gusts, at least in much of the country, make leaving the house a distressing ordeal, but these frigid conditions can also do some serious damage to the skin.     

The lack of humidity that accompanies cold temperatures dries up the skin's natural oils. Patches of dryness are more frequent during the winter, and skin conditions like eczema can get even more irritated in the cold. The winter weather also increases dandruff on your scalp, nose, ears, and even arm pits. Wind burn can lead to cracked, tight skin and the irritating "winter itch."  

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Freezing temperatures are strong motivators to stay inside and curl up next to the radiator, but the raw heat can also dry out your skin. Seems like you just can't win, right?

Dry, cracked, and dull winter skin is definitely a drag, but it's possible to reduce the damage caused by the cold with a few simple diet additions. Colorful foods with high water contents and a rich nutrient profile can keep the skin hydrated and glowing during the coming months.

Here are 11 foods that can keep your skin healthy all winter.