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11 Diet-Killing Snack Cravings and What to Eat Instead

We know you want them, but, really, you shouldn’t eat them; no need to go hungry, though

It’s 11:35 p.m., you’re about to embark on your third episode of Bloodline, and you suddenly crave ice cream. You’ve already had three full meals today (and a handful of cashews), but you really want two or three scoops of mint chocolate chip before calling it a day. As you head to the freezer, you lament upon your current situation, wishing that there was a healthier option to cure your late night sweet tooth. Trust us, there is.

Click here for 11 Diet-Killing Snack Cravings and What to Eat Instead.

Many moons ago, The Daily Meal published a piece called The Unhealthiest Junk in the Junk Food Aisle. As you can imagine, this list is packed with foods that have little-to-no nutritional value and plenty of hard to pronounce, non-natural ingredients. From the salty and crunchy to the gummy and sweet, the unhealthiest junk foods are foods that many of us often crave.

Since the time that article was published, healthy eating has become more and more popular. Because of this, we’ve decided to revisit the 2013 list in order to provide you with more nutritious options for the crave-worthy snacks it includes. Additionally, we’ve added in a few more of our own most deleterious cravings with viable, healthier swaps. If you’re looking to satisfy your midnight cravings healthily or just trying to avoid the fats and sugars so often associated with snack foods, the following slideshow is a great place to start.

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