1 In 4 Men Thinks The Secret To Better Hair Is Avocado Toast

No, really. In an official survey conducted by Dove, one in every four men interviewed believed that eating avocado toast would have a positive impact on the health and appearance of their hair. We knew people loved this trendy breakfast, but as an elixir for hair loss? That's a new one.

The census was conducted across all states and interviewed 2,000 men about everything relating to their hair. The survey queried respondents about lifestyle habits, nutrition, products used, and even their dating lives.

The survey revealed what we already knew: Men care a whole lot about their hairdo. Some men, about 10 percent, even went so far as to say they would give up sex in exchange for better hair. Almost half claimed they would give up drinking.

But 25 percent vouched for the hair-reviving power of some avocado smashed on bread.

We did a little research, and they might actually be onto something. Avocados contain a hefty portion of vitamin C, a crucial nutrient for hair growth and follicle repair. Vitamin C is needed for the body to absorb iron, which keeps hair follicles thriving by promoting healthy blood flow. Pair that with the iron found in most bread and you've got a few extra benefits for your scalp.

Additionally, both avocados and bread contain folic acid. Some people actually take folic acid supplements to aid in hair growth, since it's crucial for the vital function and growth of new cells. Avocado toast, alternatively, is a more natural, trendy, and tasty solution.

Of course, many other foods contain these nutrients, too — avocado toast isn't as special as Instagram would have you believe. So don't feel like you need to pound avocados and bread all day to have luscious locks. But eating a few extra avocados here and there certainly couldn't hurt — add that to the list of things you didn't know about the fatty fruit.