Healthy Eating Habits Overweight Adults Don't Have

It's tough to keep up healthy eating  habits while you're managing life. Work, home, and family obligations often keep us from making nutrition a priority. Unfortunately, we may not even realize this until the numbers rise on our scale or our pants start feeling snug.

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Being overweight is about a lot more than how our clothes fit.

Susan Jensen, a personal fitness trainer and health coach, is passionate about helping young adults stay healthy as they navigate their way through the new challenges of college life.. Her ideas, which include using your senses and focusing on the food you are eating, promote healthy eating for adults at all ages.

According to Jensen, mindful eaters should "sit down, eat slowly, and allow all of your senses to enjoy each bite without interruption."  

Too many of us do not follow this simple tip and it's one that can be the difference between watching your weight – and blood pressure – climb and staying healthy.

Manuel Villacorta, a registered dietitian and author of upcoming book Whole Body Reboot), believes stress is a big part of packing on the pounds, and he offers ways to avoid it, such as using breathing techniques.

One idea Villacorta presents that may sound surprising to some is that overweight adults often don't eat enough. If you aren't eating the right foods often enough, your body is going to respond with added weight, he insists.

Eat Enough Protein


Any credible diet plan or lifestyle you decide to follow will include protein, because it's the building block of health. Make sure you get enough in your diet. You'll find plenty of protein in lean meats, fish, nuts, and dairy products.

Read the Labels

reading labels
The American Heart Association says six teaspoons of sugar a day for women and eight for and men is the maximum acceptable consumption. But did you know a glass of orange juice has 10 teaspoons, and even a can of tomato soup has four? It is important to read the labels on all processed foods to ensure that you aren't accidentally overdoing it.

Jensen and Villacorta helped us compile 11 healthy eating habits that most overweight folks don't have. By following these tips, you have a better chance of keeping the pounds away and your health in check.