Healthy Apps and Games for Kids

A collection of digital games that aim to teach children about the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Smash Your Food

Clearly, it’s extremely important for children to learn the benefits of maintaining a healthy diet from an early age, and thanks to the bevy of nutritionally focused games and apps available to help parents engage their kids, it’s easier than ever to teach them about good eating habits.

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As part of her ongoing Let’s Move! campaign aimed at ending childhood obesity, first lady Michelle Obama teamed up with the USDA to sponsor The Apps for Healthy Kids Competition last summer. While the competition certainly sparked a slew of innovative and educational apps for children, there have been a lot of new additions to the market since then.

One of the newest apps to join the ranks is Soy Pals, sponsored by The Soyfoods Council and United Soybean Board, which debuted this week in celebration of National Soy Foods Month. The program teaches children how to care for their Soy Pal and feed them nutritionally sound foods when they’re running low on energy.

Take a look through this collection of apps and games dedicated to nourishing the bodies and minds of kids everywhere by educating them about healthy living.