Healthy Alternatives to Flavored Milk


Recently, a dear old friend of mine has been receiving some harsh criticism in the press. Accusingly labeled "soda in drag," chocolate milk — actually, the entire category of sugar-laden flavored milks — has been singled out as the latest target in the war against childhood obesity. 

Those leading the campaign (including Food Revolution's Jamie Oliver, who equates the milks to candy) are advocating that they be removed from school cafeterias entirely. The folks on the other side of the argument, however, are quick to point out the nutritional benefits that can be had from drinking skim or non-fat flavored milks.  

Some moms have been reported as saying xx.


Almond Milk


Date Milk

Dates are known for being a great source of dietary fiber, potassium, and B-complex vitamins. What's more, they're packed with carbohydrates, which help boost energy. Here they're steeped in simmering milk to create a guilt-free, naturally sweet drink.