Healthifying Starbucks

Taken from WikiHow

Most of us need at least a daily dosage of Starbucks. At. Least. The average college student probably spends a few hours a week waiting on line for a grande double pump this-and-that. Slowly, but surely, these drinks start stacking up calories and contributing to the infamous college weight gain. There are a few easy tricks to making your drinks slightly healthier, making it okay to go to Starbs twice, or, you know, seven times a day.

1. Specify how many pumps of syrup you want in your drinks.
If you order a grande sweetened black tea lemonade, four pumps of classic syrup are put in. Instead, you can ask for two, putting you in control of what you're drinking. It's still sweet, but not too sweet.

2. Frappuccinos are made with whole milk.
Instead, ask for 2% milk, or even nonfat. You can save 60-110 calories. Woohoo, less time at the gym!

3. Ask for no whip (unless it's one of those days where you really, really, REALLY need some).
Mochas and some lattes, including the Pumpkin Spice Latte, automatically come with whipped cream.

4. Just get a smaller size. Is that trenta seriously necessary?

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