Healthiest And Unhealthiest Condiments

Go ahead, pat yourself on the back you party wizard, you! We know you are the one your friends look to when an event needs planning or a social gathering needs to come together quickly. They count on you for the good time, the good drinks, and most of all, the good food.

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But every fabulous hostess needs a little help, even when it comes to making their signature dishes shine. This is where condiments come in. Not only do they help you perfect your party dishes, but they allows guests to cater to their own taste buds without imposing! 

But before you start slathering on your favorite party food toppings, you will probably want to make sure they aren't making your dish worse, in terms of health. We pulled together a list of our favorite condiments and ranked them from unhealthiest to healthiest, so you can party smartly at your next shindig!