A Healthier Way to Fry with the Phillips Airfryer

There’s no need to give up your favorite fried foods with this gadget

Thanks to this gadget, we may be able to still eat fried foods without feeling so guilty after all.

Many of America’s favorite foods are fried. We even love to fry things that don’t need to be, like Oreos and butter. It’s the crunchy texture on the outside and the soft inside that keeps us coming back for more. Nothing can stop us from frying. You can even fry a whole turkey for Thanksgiving!

Unfortunately, it’s the things that taste the best that aren’t always the healthiest. Time Health & Family says frying food is unhealthy because it increases your chances of being obese, having a stroke, and having cancer. This is due to the high amount of fat from the oil that is absorbed throughout the cooking.  

But what if you could have your fries and eat them too, so to speak?  With the new gadget, the Phillips Airfryer, you can get the taste of fried goodness without all of the guilt.

The Phillips Airfryer fries using air, and little to no oil, to get that crunchy outside texture and soft inside. This “rapid air technology” is created from the hot air within the metal mesh-cooking basket. There is also a place near the bottom for air circulation, so your foods don’t burn.

Not only can you fry with the gadget, but you can also bake and grill foods like crispy potato skins, eggplant fries, chicken wings, vanilla soufflé, and a frittata.

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The product is a bit pricey at $249.99, but if you’re looking to get through your holidays without sacrificing taste, this gadget could make a great gift…to yourself of course!