Brooklyn Bar Ordered to Stop 'Game of Thrones' Night

Videology says HBO won’t let them show Game of Thrones anymore

A Williamsburg bar has been told to cease its popular Game of Thrones theme nights. 

Watching Game of Thrones with several beers, bar snacks, and a big group of friends is one of life's great pleasures, but winter is here for a Brooklyn bar with a popular Game of Thrones screening night, because hosts and customers have been disappointed by a letter from HBO demanding that all public airings of the super popular TV show cease immediately.

Sorry guys. No Game of Thrones showing tonight. Or ever. Not our choice. ‪#‎WinterIsHere‬,” Williamsburg bar Videology posted to its Facebook page this afternoon.

According to the Village Voice, Videology has been hosting Game of Thrones screenings for two years, making the bar and screening room very popular with New Yorkers who don’t have subscriptions to HBO. Videology co-owner James Leet says he’s very disappointed, especially since plenty of other bars host Game of Thrones screenings every week.

There are probably a dozen bars within a three-block radius of us that will be showing it,” he said. “For them to single us out and tell us that we can't show it is very disappointing."

Videology airs other shows and screens Mad Men live on Sunday nights as well. Leet says this is the first time the bar has been asked to stop screening a show.


"They said that it's not allowed to be shown in a public setting," he said of the letter HBO sent.