Harvesting Baby Vegetables In The Heart Of Miami

In the center of the Miami warehouse district stands a tiny urban farm. In addition to the obvious uniqueness of a farm located in the city, Miami Green Railway Organic Workshop, or GROW, produces microgreens for grocery store distribution. These young vegetables and herbs are harvested from the shoots of vegetables like kale and broccoli, and are as old as one to two weeks, but they are as flavorful and nutritious as their mature full-sized counterparts.

GROW launched in 2008, but it took some time to get the idea off the ground, with over a year spent on construction, obtaining certifications and the city's blessing. Despite these obstacles, the 10 person staff does not shy away from achieving their goals. "Sustainability, community outreach, and urban agriculture," GROW's director of education Thi Squire told the Miami Herald. Supporting their mission is Rock Garden Herbs, the packager and distributor located next door. 

While the farm also grows full-sized vegetables, microgreens are gaining popularity. They don't need cooking and add taste to many dishes. Therefore, tiny greens have become a national craze, popping up in stores like Publix and even local restaurants, like Yardbird, who use GROW's celery and kale for their salads.  Additionally, GROW gives back to the community by donating vegetables to local events focusing on healthy eating and greener lifestyles.