'Harlem Shake,' Food Network Style

Michael Symon, Bobby Flay, Andrew Zimmern, and more try out their Harlem Shake moves

Oh hey guys, here's a bunch of Food Network personalities trying out the meme that is the Harlem Shake (please see Grub Street's intense roundup of all the food-related Harlem Shakes here). In case you didn't know, it typically involves one person doing weird twitchy movements, jump-cutting to a whole crew of crazy dancers, and then some more insane dance tactics.

Quite honestly, we will say that Tru's Harlem Shake is by far the best effort from chefs (hint: it involves fire, like Jamie Oliver's). This attempt from the South Beach Wine and Food Festival just seems like a supercut of chefs being their usual quirky selves, spliced over the "Harlem Shake" song. The Daily Meal is not impressed.

On the bright side, we do love Michael Symon's little shimmy-shake thing he has going on, and Andrew Zimmern does try his best at some body rolls, but nothing will beat Joe Manganiello in that department. In related news: We miss those "Call Me Maybe" parodies.

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