Halloween-Themed Wedding

If you're planning a wedding near Halloween, why not have some fun with it? We're not saying you have to wear a black dress and decorate with cobwebs (but if that's what you're into, then more power to you), but here are some fun, playful ways to incorporate Halloween into your wedding instead of ignoring it altogether.


Use fall flowers in your bouquet, but have a surprising element such as a ghost peeking out from beneath the flowers. While you're at it, give the groom and his groomsmen Halloween flare by using unique boutonnieres.

Place some decorated pumpkins in easily overlooked areas. Try carving the names of the newlyweds and the wedding date into one of the prettiest pumpkins. 


An autumnal twist on typical wedding dishes is a must. These meals are hearty, delicious, and elegant. Incorporate pumpkin and nuts to really warm the heart, with dishes like pumpkin risotto served in a hollowed-out pumpkin or butternut squash soup with roasted walnuts. For some other great ideas, look here


Cocktails are liquid candy for adults, so use the bar to incorporate the Halloween spirit.

If you are having a do-it-yourself bar at your reception, set up a "pick your poison" drink station offering tantalizing concoctions. Make sure to have a cauldron filled with toxic mixtures.

Some ideas for your bar:

  • The Vampire's Kiss: Use a red cake gel along the rim of a martini for a bloody-rimmed martini
  • Candy corn cocktail
  • The Witches Spell
  • Pumpkin ale
  • Here are some more tasty drinks to help you celebrate  


Dessert is where your childish side can come out and play, so have your favorite childhood treats and candy on offer for all to enjoy.

Serve customizable caramel apples and allow your guests to coat the caramel with treats such as sprinkles or chocolate candies.

Set up a candy station with bowls full of all your favorite candy and let guests go "trick-or-treating." These trick-or-treat bags would make great party favors.

Instead of having chocolate-covered strawberries for the bride and groom, have strawberry ghosts. Just dip the strawberries in melted white chocolate and paint scary "boo" faces in milk chocolate.

Don't let your wedding turn into a costume party, but a fun way to let your guests dress up, even for just a few minutes, is to have a photo booth. Provide lots of funny props and dress-up gear such as boas and crowns so your guests can let loose by becoming witches, queens, and ghosts. Plus, the photos will make great souvenirs.

Another way to incorporate Halloween costumes is to turn your wedding into a masquerade ball and have all of your guests wear masks.

Halloween weddings can be wacky, but they can also be romantic and chic with the right details Place blood-red roses on place settings or use a burnt-edged book for the guest book with a vintage-looking feather pen. Candles create a mysterious and romantic feel and can be placed on tables in black votives, or placed in chandeliers.

These romantic and fun touches will make sure your Halloween-themed wedding is your big day and not a kid's party. Skip the costumes and paper bats and go for elegant accents and sinful cocktails. Remember to have fun and smile; after all it is a day full of dreams not a Nightmare on Elm Street.