A Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party

When you walk past the mounds of orange pumpkins outside your local market, do you think back to your childhood, and the excitement of dressing up, trick or treating for candy, and carving pumpkins? Creating ghoulish, creepy and cackling faces or sweet, star-eyed angels out of this voluptuous vegetable and then proudly displaying them on the front step was always something I looked forward to.

Although mine didn't always come out as hoped, instead looking a bit lopsided and horribly disfigured, our tips will help enhance your pumpkin carving talents. There is something satisfying about scooping out the flesh of a pumpkin and creating a glowing countenance all your own.

Pumpkin carving is not just for kids. First of all, it requires wielding some sharp knives which are safer in the hands of an adult. It's also a great way to hang out with your friends, create something (and some funny memories, too), and not have to break the bank.  

Worried about making a mess? With the proper tools, and counter-top (or floor) protection, you and your home or apartment will emerge unscathed. You probably already have all the tools that you need in your kitchen, and the rest you can gather sitting at your desk.

These links and tips will provide you with everything you need for any kind of party you want to throw. Use one, or use them all – most importantly, let out your inner child and have fun (and don't forget to buy the pumpkins!).

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