Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party Ideas

It is officially pumpkin season! When Halloween rolls around, one of the best family traditions to begin this fall is pumpkin carving together. After years of painting pumpkins, your kids are finally ready to learn how to carve an authentic jack-o-lantern. But how do you get them started? A pumpkin carving party with the family, complete with fun themes, is a great way to start. This allows your pumpkin carving party to be unique and entertaining, while still getting the décor job done for your home.

Crazy Faces

Challenge pumpkin carvers and pumpkin painters to come up with the cutest, kookiest faces. Give points for imagination and what makes the "judges" laugh out loud.

Backyard Tailgate

Combine your love of tailgating and fall with a sports-themed party. Serve all of your favorite tailgate fare and challenge your guests to make the most creative, spirited sports themed pumpkins!

"Scary" Monster Party

If you're entertaining little ones, challenge them to make their "scariest" monster faces on a blank pumpkin canvas. Everyone is a winner with this party idea, and it sets the stage for a ton of adorable photos. 

This article was origianlly published on September 18, 2014.