Halloween-Inspired Name Holders

Halloween-inspired name holders for your Halloween dinner parties

Get festive with these Halloween-inspired name tags!

Your Halloween-inspired table is all set with eerie crows and delightful pumpkins. However, your decorative place settings pale in comparison. Some revamping of the typical name tags will continue your whimsical Halloween theme and also make great party favors for the guests. 

Here are a few tips and ideas:

A Jolly Pumpkin  

     There are multiple ways to use a pumpkin as a place setting. 

  • Paint your guest’s name onto the pumpkin. 
  • Use ribbon to secure a name tag to the pumpkin’s stem.
  • Making a paper leaf to attach to the pumpkin as a name tag.
  • Engrave the name of a guest or their first initial into the face of the pumpkin. 

Vampires, Bats, and Gravestones, Oh My!

  • Use a pair of fake vampire fangs or any pair of fake teeth to hold a name tag. Have the teeth be closing down on the name for the desired effect. 
  • Make paper bats and write your guests’ names on them in white ink .
  • Purchase or make your own gravestones for each of your guest. Write R.I.P. and then your guest’s name for a disturbing effect. 

A Witch’s Broom

  • Use a small twig (about 6 inches long), some straw, and a brown paper bag. Use the twig and straw to assemble the broom and then use a small sliver of the brown bag to write the name of your guest. To glamorize you witches broom, use ribbon for the name tag.


     Halloween is all about candy, so why not use it to label your table? 

  • You can get candy bars personalized with each of your guests’ names. 
  • Fill small buckets full of candy like candy corn and place a toy shovel in it with the name of a guest attached. 
  • Make candy cones with name tags attached to the ribbons. 
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These festive place settings adorn your dinner table in ghoulish style. In addition to place settings at a dinner table, these ideas can be used to label food dishes in a buffet line.