H. Stern's New Iris Collection Inspired by Grecian Goddess of the Sea


For decades H. Stern jewelry has been making it's mark on the world through iconic shapes and the use of Brazilian gemstones. His designs have been collected and praised the world over for their vision, quality and use of Noble gold. Their new series, the Iris collection is a perfect tribute to the quality of their jewelry. The collection is inspired by the beauty of sea creatures whose abstract designs can be seen in their bracelets, earrings and necklaces.
Known for his themed collections, H. Stern has done work inspired by art, astronomy, science, ancient civilizations as well as collaborations with artist and designers including Diane Von Furstenberg. Pulling inspiration from the world around us, H. Stern collections have purpose and direction which are portrayed through gems and gold, sometimes literally and other times with more abstruse imagery.
Their new series, the Iris collection, is inspired by imagery of the Grecian sea goddess Iris and by the beauty of the ocean. Drawing from the research of the 1873 scientific expedition of the H.M.S. Challenger, which set out to collect biological specimens from the oceans of every continent, the series uses the shapes, textures and richness of the discovered species to bring this jewelry to life.
While the interpretation is more creative than literal, each piece is made with a different creature in mind, and named appropriately for its muse. These artistic renderings of sea life are brought to fruition through the use of diamonds, sapphires and topaz, as well as 18kt rose, yellow and noble gold.
Each piece, despite being crafted after sea creatures from the deep, is surprisingly light and beautiful. Abstract shapes and rounded silhouettes gives the jewelry a look of being molded and smoothed by the waves. The noble gold, a shade between white and rose gold, seems to change its color depending on how the metal hits the light and is abundant in the collection. The combination of this shape and light give the pieces movement, as if they were swaying softly underwater.
The new collection holds true to the designs of H. Stern and brings what could otherwise be perhaps too literal an interpretation, to beautiful proportions through the use of artistic design. The pieces reserved for the Greek goddess' namesake are delicate both in structure and appearance giving the collection a softer take on oceanic inspiration.
The H. Stern Iris Collection is available in select boutiques worldwide and priced from $1,400 - $103,400.