Guy Fieri Responds To Restaurant Critics

Sure, Guy Fieri's new Times Square restaurant has been the butt of many jokes (on SNL, online, in print), but CBS is letting Fieri talk back.

In five-minute feature about the celebrity chef, Fieri talks about his restaurant, upbringing, and the history of his food businesses. But the tough question? "Someone came to the restaurant and said they wouldn't serve the food to their cat, how did that make you feel?" Norah O'Donnell asked, referencing the Post's review from Steve Cuozzo.

"Well, he must not like the cat very much," Fieri said. "I know what I make, I know how I cook... you can't have eight restaurants and be doing it wrong. Or that wrong."

Watch the full feature below, especially as O'Donnell talks about Fieri's "hippie" upbringing with tofu dinners and his entrepreneurship at 10 years old. Sadly, she did not ask the question on everyone's mind: What does Fieri think of Anthony Bourdain?