Guy Fieri Is 'Genocidal,' According to Wikipedia

The TV chef’s Wikipedia page got defaced in a bizarre way

The cached Wikipedia blurb states that Fieri is "a genocidal member of the U.S. Supreme Court."

Guy Fieri: TV personality, chef, restaurateur… "genocidal member of the U.S. Supreme Court"?

It appears as if the modern-day equivalent of a vandal decided to edit Fieri’s Wikipedia page, and now when you type his name into Google, the second item that comes up is a link to it, with the text, "Guy Fieri is a television personality working for Food Network, or rather, he was before he became a genocidal member of the U.S. Supreme Court; unfortunately..." visible. When you click on the actual link, the unauthorized addition goes away, but it still appears in the cached version.

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Celebrities, especially ones as infamous as Fieri, are no stranger to Wikipedia-bashing, and the online encyclopedia has a whole fleet of "scrubbers" who make sure that unwarranted, unsavory additions to personal pages are taken down quickly, and they generally are (that’s the risk inherent in running a site that anyone can edit). But in this case, it looks like Google’s crawlers happened to come along at a hilariously unfortunate time.