Guy On A Bike: Meet Guy

One of the many things I love about the Minneapolis-St. Paul area is the passionate bike culture, so I've decided to share some observations and musings with you in this new blog.

So, what makes me an expert on this subject? Nothing at all. I am anything but an authority on the subject of cycling. That being said, I am a passionate advocate. Couple that with a little journalistic curiosity and here we are.

A little about me:

My name is Guy Still, and I am an Assignment Editor here at WCCO-TV. I have pedaled to work every weekday for more than three years. My commute is a modest 5.5 miles, but I often add a mile or more when the weather is nice, or time permits. I thoroughly enjoy hopping on my trusty steed every morning just before 6am: the roads are quiet and the city is just starting to rub the sleep from its collective eyes.

I choose to commute by bicycle because it makes sense for me. I know it doesn't for everyone, and that's OK. Personally, I'm able to save money on gas and parking, while getting some much-needed exercise. Moreover, I find riding therapeutic. On the way in I am able to wake up, get my blood pumping and breathe in some fresh air. On the way home, my time in the saddle allows me to decompress and shake off the dust of a day in a bustling newsroom.

Of course, I also ride for fun. I've been on bike tours, participated in long gravel races and even been on a few bike camping trips. I also take great joy in creating long-distance routes and riding them with friends, exploring new roads and areas. And while I've logged thousands of miles over the past few years, I know a lot less than myriad bike enthusiasts of our community.

What will be on this blog:

With this blog, I hope to share stories about the greater bike community, have candid discussions about bicycle safety, and highlight some of the great cycling events taking place in the area. And for you history geeks, we may even delve into the bygone days of Penny-farthings and Safety Bicycles. While cycling has certainly undergone a revitalization over the past decade, it isn't a new phenomenon. In 1900, a Minneapolis newspaper wrote about a woman who completed five consecutive century (100 mile) loops in just under 60 hours, before calling it quits. And she did that without a carbon frame or high-performance wicking clothing.

Additionally, I hope this will become a participatory blog. I want to hear your ideas, suggestions and comments about my cogitations. If I'm off the mark on something let me know. If you've got a great idea for the blog drop me a note at

Whether you ride a few times a year, or every day, I hope this blog will be insightful and entertaining. Even if you don't ride, perhaps it will give you a little perspective about those pesky cyclists you share the roads with on your commutes.